Sunday, 14 March 2010

Rough Animatic

Here is a very basic animatic. Could change the timing in a few places but now that I know how long this is as a whole Im going back to work more of the back story in. Theres alot of unconfirmed actions and improvised drawings until I figure a few things out. The part where he pushes the button on the aircraft/transport/thing is completely improvised just now as Im still figuring out a better way to seperate the characters. Any suggestions would be appreciated. No sound at the moment but its in the pipeline! (Excuse some of the sketchy drawings!)


  1. Cool! I like the sinister ending, always a good way to close.
    I wouldn't put the camera shake in at 0:52, the robots seem fast and light, might just be because its an animatic though.

  2. Hey John,

    thanks for the still experimenting with different camera shots ect. The shake was intended to make the robot look bigger and vicious but I understand your point! Ending is improvised aswell, still needs more thought. Probably how the child seperates from the adult rather than why. If that makes sence. :)